All along this first term, 1st ESO students of English have been working on an oral presentation about their high school. Then several students have volunteered to take part in the filming of a video presenting Élaios High School to students at Primary School near Élaios. Thanks to all the students, but especially to the wonderful volunteers (they have made this possible!): Nora A., Claudia B., Sara B., Pablo Ca., Pablo Ce., Adrián D., Paula G., Esther G., Diego J., Marco M., Elsa R., Mario V. y Hugo V. Click on the picture to have a look at their cool presentation!!

You can also test your listening skills playing the easy KAHOOT game based on the video (clicking on the image). You will need the computer and a mobile phone with Internet to access and then type the code of the game. Write your name or nickname and try the classic mode. Remember to make your choice on the mobile phone. GOOD LUCK!!