Journée Européenne des Langues/ European Day of Languages (EDL) 26/09/2020

On 26th September it is the day of Languages. That day in class we celebrated it like this: we watched a video of people from other countries explaining why they liked their language; we also listened to “Let It Go” in different languages. We did a quiz of guessing which country it was by its flag. I think it was a great day. (Sara C., 1º Bil. ESO C)

Last 26th September, we celebrated the European Day of Languages! In English class we wrote the names of the British Isles on the UK map; each one of us said how we thought people from different countries were called and we told the entire class why we liked the English language. It was fun! It could have been a bit better thought, but it was fine! (Sara B., 1º Bil. ESO C)

We celebrate the European Day of Languages on 26th September. We did a table about the countries, the capital city, nationalities and language. We did a Power Point about nationalities from the people of the country, then we listened to the song of Frozen in twenty-one languages. I like this day because I like languages. (Aday G., 1º Bil. ESO C)

On 26th September the European Day of Languages is celebrated. In class we have been talking about the different languages of Europe, we have been doing written and oral activities, we have seen videos and listening to audios about different languages. In my opinion, the best part has been speaking in class in different languages we knew: Romanian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian… (Andrea S., 2º Bil. ESO C)

The European Day of Languages is celebrated because it’s a form of sharing new languages and facts or inspiration. In class we also celebrated it, we talked different languages and did some games about countries and their flags. I think it’s good to celebrate this day because this way we learn about other European countries and they can learn about our country. I also think it’s good to celebrate that there are many languages to celebrate variety. (Iris S., 2º Bil. ESO C)

The European Day of Languages is celebrated on 26th September. It is a means of promoting awareness among the general public of the importance of language learning and protecting the linguistic heritage. At school we did lots of different activities and games. First of all, we did different photocopies about countries, nationalities and the official languages of each country. Then we did games on the computer: we had a flag and we had to discover which country it was. I really had fun and I also learnt lots of new things. I love the European Day of Languages! (Carla C., 2º Bil. ESO C)

COMUNICADO IMPORTANTE: Aplazamiento del examen oficial de francés DELF

El servicio de Certificaciones del Institut français de España en Zaragoza nos ha comunicado que el examen DELF que iba a realizarse en el mes de abril y que debido a las actuales circunstancias quedó aplazado tiene ya nueva fecha.

Las pruebas escritas del DELF SCOLAIRE tendrán lugar el sábado 28 de noviembre: de 9.30 a 11.25 para el B1 y de 12.00 a 14.30 para el B2.

Para cualquier duda dirigirse a la siguiente dirección: certificaciones@institutfranç


Last Sunday 8th March it was the International Women’s Day. Students at Élaios have shown their awareness of the situation women are living worldwide. Therefore, 1st of Bachillerato students have written a letter both in English and in French to the Government. In those letters they have expressed their opinions about the issue.

La Journée Internationale des femmes est célébrée dans de nombreux pays à travers le monde. Après avoir été sensibilisés, nos élèves ont écrit des messages encourageant la société à être plus égalitaire.

Here you can see lots of letters that first of Bachillerato students have written

Students of English in 1st of ESO have also done some activities dealing with International Women’s Day and they have created their own logos for this day.


La Saint-Valentin, c’est la fête des amoureux! Nos élèves ont dessiné de gros coeurs, ils ont écrit de belles phrases, des expressions idiomatiques avec le mot «coeur» et ils ont cherché des titres de films d’amour…

Students of English have also been writing poems to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, working on rhymes and on vocabulary related to love. They have also chosen their best-liked chorus of love songs in English.


On Friday 24th January the hall at Élaios High School was transformed into an Australian beach to commemorate Australia Day, which is celebrated on 26th January in Australia. Our Aussie assistant this year joined the celebrations and students had some photos taken on «our Aussie beach» and they chose their favourite background thanks to the use of Chroma. Moreover, we could all enjoy some typical Australian music like «Waltzing Matilda». It was an awesome experience that allowed the students to know a little bit more about Australia, our assistant’s country.

Our Australian assistant wishes you a Happy Australia Day