Project on American and Spanish stereotypes

Video with some of the activities done at school with the students

Throughout the second term the Department of English has been working on another project together with our American assistant Carly. The aim was to work on April Fool’s Day from a different perspective.

The students have provided a list of stereotypes they have about the US and Carly has done an incredible research project showing evidence for their being true, false or semi-true. In return, students also have had to explain to Carly if her stereotypes about Spanish culture are true, false or semi-true. For this part, we have had the enthusiastic and valuable participation of some students currently studying in Ohio, our student Lucía Ponz‘s classmates this year, who have sent us their ideas about Spain in a video. 

Special thanks must be given to those American students in Ohio, to Lucía (our «intermediary») and to Carly, who have proved to be a great help to know the American culture closely.