END OF TERM 2022-2023

Students of the English BRIT programme have shown their spelling skills in the Spelling Bee contests of the different subjects, in which Carly, our American assistant, has played an important role. We would like to congratulate the Spelling Bee winners and also the winners of the Diplomas of Oral Skills, who have proved their enthusiastic oral participation in English in the different subjects taught in English at school. 

Apart from that, this year we are really proud to announce our three creative winners of the «Ugly Sweater Contest«: Irene Joven, Celia Molpeceres and Marina Sotoca. Thank you very much to all those students involved. You cannot forget that all these activities depend on the envolvement of the students. Thanks a lot to the teachers who have helped to make it possible.

Finally, if you want to take a peek at all these activities, click on the picture below. Merry Christmas, everyone!



Last November students at Élaios celebrated Thanksgiving and learnt how important it is for the people in the USA. In some classes they even had the chance to know how Carly, our American assistant this year, used to celebrate it back home. What’s more, some students could watch the interview between Carly and Lucía, our 1st Bachillerato student in Ohio this year. In this interview they answered questions about life in Spain, life in the USA and questions about the traditions of Fiestas del Pilar and Thanksgiving.

You can watch a video about the activities done for Thanksgiving at school. Click on the following image: