P. E. 1st ESO – COVID-19

Workout Nr 4

Here you have the next Challenge. Based on a suggestion of some of you I invite you to practice and record with your mobile phone a dance. It is not too hard, I guess. It is named OH NA NA NA. Here you have some links where you can see what to do. There are two versions, one is longer and more difficult. It is up to you which one to choose.

Oh na na na LONG VERSION 1

Oh na na na LONG VERSION 2

You have to do in pairs. As always, you have a week to send me your video.

Deadline for doing and sending the questionnaire back: the 13th of May (Wendsday)

Have fun and be healthy.


Workout Nr 3

We start a new challenge. In this case, you are going to do a Workout called Tabata. It is based in Work/Rest routine. So you do the exercise for 20 seconds, and then you rest 10 seconds. You are going to do six different exercises. You do not need any equipment. Just in case you need a chair and a mat.

You have to do a warm up first.

Remember, you have to control your heart rate resting, after warm up, and when you finish the workout.

When you finish, you have to answer some questions. Here you have a questionnaire in a word document. Fill it out and send it back to me. You should read the questions first.


Please click below to see the Warm-up and the Beginner Tabata Workout:

5-Minute Warm Up for At-Home Workouts

Beginner Tabata Workout

If you have any doubt, please let me know.

Deadline for doing and sending the questionnaire back: the 6th of May (Wendsday)


Workout Nr 2

Here you have the next Workout. In this week you have to try to complete a well known Challenge: the plank challenge. Have a look at the playlist I have created in Youtube: PLAYLIST PLANK CHALLENGE

You have to practise it. As you can see you have to do in pairs. So try to convince someone of your family. Try to do it complete and correctly.

Task: you have to record a video with your mobile phone doing the exercise (with someone of your family). Then send me as an attached file. DEADLINE DATE on Monday 27th April (11:59pm).


Workout Nr 1

Try to complete it, following the explanations given. It would be fine, if you do it with your brother, parents…..
When you finish it, you must fill a questionnaire. Click below.
Recommendations you have to take into account before starting our first Workout:
1. You should take your heart rate three times: before you start it (resting heart rate), after the warming up, and when you finish the training.
2. Drink water.
3. Do not forget to do the warm uo and the cool down.
4. Breathe correctly.
5. And smile!


April 13th – 3rd term

I have adapted and divided the contents of the subject in three Units (Fitness, Body language and Hiking/orienteering). Here you have what you should do, and the activities you have to send me. As always, if you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to ask me. (oscaralda@gmail.com)

Through this website I am going to remind you the activities you must do. You are going to receive an email too. So pay attention to the website and your email, please.

1. Fitness

1.1 Complete the “Training at home” spreadsheet during the next weeks. When you enter in it you can see the first Worksheet (Sheet), corresponding to this week (13-19 April).

Remember you must fill every week sheet with the physical activities you are doing. I am going to control it on Mondays.

I have prepared some videos for helping you to do these workouts. You can visit my play list in YouTube.

                – Muévete en casa (RTVE). Yes, I am sorry, it is in Spanish. They are adapted to any age and level. All of them have a duration of 30 minutes. Click here, please.

                – Fitness and dance workouts/routines. They are 15-20 minutes long. You can see videos of Fitness and Dance. Click here, please.

1.2 Fitness workouts. Every week I am going to give you a different activity to do. This activity is mandatory. How I am going to control it?

You must answer the questions and send it to me as an attached file to oscaralda@gmail.com

Pay attention to your email, please.

2. Body language

In spite of the difficulties to do alone, you are going to learn and to practice something about Body language.

2.1 Read the document you can find at our website. You have to watch the videos too.

2.2 Every two weeks you have to complete a different task related to body language. You need a mobile phone to record your performance. And as usual you have to send it to me as an attached file.

You have to record the different performance I am going to ask you (every two weeks)

3. Hiking/orienteering (May)

It was planned to make an open air journey during this term. Unfortunately it is impossible. I hope we can do it next year. Here you have to do just two tasks.

3.1 Read the notes I have prepared for you. Pay attention at the new words. I am sure you have practised many times hiking, but may be not orienteering as sport.

3.2 Questionnaire. On the website you will find the questionnaire you have to do. It is mandatory. But do not worry. It is quite easy and it is not going to take you much time.

You have to complete the questionnaire.


March 27th. Next week I will inform you about the contents and what we are going to do in the third term.

 ➡ For the people who have failed this term, please contact me (oscaralda@gmail.com).

March 24th. Have a look at the activities you have to send me for this term (Deadline Wednesday 25th at 1pm)

Physical condition – Questionnaire

How to prepare your Relays videoclip

Relays-Starts and Team Sports – Questionnaire

March 15th. Over the next few weeks, we have to consider distance learning. During school hours you have to be alert to the news.

I wish you and your families are ok. Remember you have to prepare and make me get your videoclips (RELAYS). Deadline on Friday 20th at 11:59pm. Beyond this date you will get a worse grade.

Today I am going to add a new activity, related with the Units we have been working this term (Relays Races and Team Sports). Deadline on Friday 20th at 11:59pm. Send it to me in WORD format, please.

Questionnaire – Deadline date 11:59pm 20th March

Do not forget to put your name and class group in the email subject.

Have fun and be healthy!

Durante las próximas semanas, vamos a seguir trabajando por medios telemáticos. Estad atentos durante el horario lectivo a las novedades que vayan apareciendo. 

Lo primero de todo, desear que estéis todos bien. Recordad que debéis hacerme llegar el videoclip con vuestras RELEVOS. El último día para que me lo hagáis llegar es este viernes a las 23:59. Pasado esta hora se podrá entregar, pero llevará una penalización en la calificación.

La siguiente actividad que vais a hacer es un cuestionario sobre los temas que hemos tratado esta evaluación (Fitness, Relays and Team sports). Lo tendréis hoy mismo aquí, para que lo realicéis entre el miércoles y el viernes. Enviádmelo en formato word al correo.

Poned con claridad en vuestros correos electrónicos quién lo envía (nombre,grupo).

If you have any doubt, please, do not hesitate to ask me in class or by email (oscaralda@gmail.com)

2nd Term



1st Term

Rules Physical Education class



PHYSICAL CAPACITIES (endurance, strength, flexibility, and speed)